Red Lion sues Hard Rock, says Reverb copied Hotel RL

Red Lion Hotels

#Red Lion Hotels parent RLH Corp. has sued Hard Rock International, alleging that Hard Rock plagiarized many elements for its new Reverb select-service brand from Red Lion’s Hotel RL brand.

Red Lion claims that Hard Rock copied the “trade dress,” or many design and branding elements, from Hotel RL. Among other items, Red Lion cites amenities such as a “prominent coffee bar,” an open stage where local artists can perform with stadium-type seating nearby, and self-service kiosks as characteristics Reverb has copied from Hotel RL. Both brands are geared largely towards millennial guests.

Additionally, Red Lion cites Hard Rock’s employment of the Gettys Group as further proof of infringement. Red Lion also used the Gettys Group when launching Hotel RL in 2015.

Red Lion filed its complaint in a New York federal court. It is seeking an injunction and legal fees as well as profits from the Reverb chain.

“We are not appreciative of Hard Rock’s wholesale infringement of our trade dress with he Gettys Group’s help,” said RLH Corp. CEO Greg Mount. “RLH Corporation welcomes fair competition, but infringement of our trade dress is unfair and illegal.”

Hard Rock said the claims are without merit.

The Reverb brand was announced last month. Hard Rock didn’t disclose specifics on hotel openings or potential locations.

Red Lion opened its first Hotel RL in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in 2015 and has since added six more hotels.The brand has properties in Brooklyn, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C.