Beware! Edible oil you’re eating might be deadly


Edible oil is used in preparation of all sorts of food all over the world. It is refined using chemical process. It is important that the consumers should be aware of process as well as chemicals used. Our test results of using some of the chemicals in Nigeria proved that hexane used in the process was having excessive benzene content and that is carcinogenic. We decided to write and make the general public aware of the situation. We are providing guidelines to edible oil industry to select the right product and process to alleviate the health damage that may be caused by using hexane that is not edible grade. Wrong product used can cause serious health problems.

The edible oil we consume for daily food process is refined by a simple chemical process. We have to be careful about the process and the chemicals used in extracting oil. Wrong chemicals and processes may lead to production edible oil which can cause health hazards and considerable after effects. It is important that the general public, consumers of the edible oil would be aware and insist on buying the right product.

We consume 14—20% edible oil in daily food preparations and readymade packaged foods.