Going Bananas: Egyptian Singer Jailed For Making Suggestive Music Video


The move sent shockwaves throughout the social media, as users blasted the controversial decision.

This Tuesday, an Egyptian court has sentenced Shaumaa Ahmed, also known as Shyma, to two years in jail for making a music video, in which she “suggestively” ate a banana while wearing lingerie.

The court found that the now-deleted video clip “I have Issues” was “indecent” and “incited debauchery,” the BBC reports.

Other parts of the video featured Shyma licking an apple, coloring her lips and playing the role of a ‘naughty’ teacher in front of a blackboard, on which “class #69” was written.

In a now-deleted Facebook post made before her arrest, Shyma had apologized to those who understood the video “in an inappropriate way.”

“I didn’t imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone,” the post read.

Shyma also blasted the director of the video, Mohamed Gamal, who allegedly included the “controversial” scenes without her consent.

Gamal was also sentenced to two years in jail, though he was not present at the hearing.

In addition to prison sentences, the two were also order to pay 10,000 Egyptian Pounds ($563.44) as a fine.

Both can appeal the decision.

Twitter did not take kindly to the court’s ruling.