Nigeria: No New Year Funfair Amid Dashed Hopes

Isa Sago (Television Africa Network)
Each time I watch other countries around the world celebrate the wake of a New Year on TV my heart aches for Nigeria, so much that I often weep. Every new year the skies over our country is in despair, so dry – a reflection of weariness out of dash dreams. 
Individual, family and cultural celebration is not sam as a common celebration of our nationhood into the birth of a new year. I took time to observe this new year’s(2018) celebration in Nigeria. Like it has always been since I was a child, there were no signs of sincere love and appreciate from those who govern and from the governed for the country. Instead, the entire air was awashed with bad news, ill-feelings, failures, regrets, lies and temperaments. Not much statements that boosts one’s courage and re-assures hope that all would be well were heard.
This new year, like others, there was no celebration that rekindles our common aspirations and sincere love for our country and for one another – in terms of new year’s eve funfair. The spirit of nationhood or that uncommon power that binds peoples together is fast departing from us (before our very eyes). And no one cares. We must look or search for our broken parts and mend our negative divides.
How can we collectively grow to build a formidable country without shared trust and happiness? Needless to say much, our national flag has turned to just a drape of the symbolism of our loneliness, pains and tripedations instead of being a true representation of our collective strength and identity – year in, year out. Our national flag must not only fly high every independence day celebration, there after folded or abandoned to the harshness of our bad mouths and unfriendly weather. Our flag should also fly and wave high all the time, and unquestionably the first second of a new year – with funfairs – accompanied with fireworks – that should precede our President’s address to the nation. I hope I man making sense?