Simple Is The Word For This Vegetable Yam Porridge Recipe


If you love mixing things up in your food to give it that extraordinary taste that you love, the yam porridge is for you.

Yam porridge can come in various forms just what you have and how you want to use what you have.

Vegetable yam porridge can be made with green vegetables like the ugwu or spinach, leaves or the use the more modern carrots, green pepper, green peas and the likes.

If you are making the traditional way of making the vegetable yam porridge, this is how to make it.


A medium sized tuber of yam


Red scotch bonnet (Rodo)

Smoked fish (Titus, Panla, or Sharwa)

Salt and seasoning for taste

1 onion

Palm oil

Vegetable (Ugwu leaves)


1. Cut yam into cubes, wash thoroughly add boil. Let the water be the same length with where your yam stops

2. When soft, add your salt and seasoning.

3. Add your chopped pepper

4. Add crayfish, smoked fish and chopped onions and stir.

5. Add your a serving spoon of palm oil

6. Mix them up. You can mesh the yam together if you want a pasty feel

7. Add your chopped ugwu leaves and leave to simmer for a few minutes.

Your food is ready to be served


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